About us


Dreamland International Training Center private limited was founded on Jestha 2073 by the group of 6 members. It aims to bring positive attitude and thinking through training in each and every sectors of Nation. We offer totally new and unique Training about mind power because there are no institution that provides the mind power knowledge in Nepal. Organization aims to develop the nation by providing the mind power training in different sectors like (Schools/Colleges/Organization/Banks/Hospitals/cooperatives) to bring positive attitude and discipline in order to become successful. We have provided different trainings in more than 60 districts and we are aiming to expand our trainings outside the country as well.

Mr. B.P. Regmi is highly experienced and professional facilitator and a team member of Dr. Sneh Desai as well as the chairperson of Dreamland International Training Centre (DITC). Mr. Regmi has more than 10 years experience in facilitating Mind Power Workshop. He has already facilitated more than 1000 workshops in India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Malaysia, Italy and Nepal. He has already conducted 24 workshops with National Life Insurance Company ltd. in   Nepal. Similarly he has finished mind power workshop with teachers of 10 schools, staff of Shakti Samuha Nepal, Nepal Police, FNCCI, KMC, ………………….,  ………………… and …………………….. We are pretty sure that you will feel pride in having Mr. B.P. Regmi.

through mind power work in Nepal to bring positivity in each and every sector of Nation.

Vision Statement:

Dream international training center vision is to provide training to individuals, institutions and Organizations about how to be successful in their aim and how to be positive ,because today’s essential need in each sector is positive thinking.


Mission statement:

Dreamland mission is to create a good, successful and healthy society by providing ours training in different sectors overall our country in order to bring positiveness, that we can develop our nation.



Our goal is to bring positive thinking and attitude in each and every individuals of our country Nepal for better future.

Specific Objectives:

  1. To bring positive attitude, discipline and thinking through training.
  2. To make the employees more creativity through mind power workshop training.
  3. To train that hard work leads to failure and smart work leads to success.
  4. To train that impossible means: I am possible everything is possible, nothing is impossible, yes I can do it.

To provide mind power training, Secrets of success training / Good parents training / Good teacher training / Team work building and many more training in different sectors of nation to bring positiveness in what they are doing

Organizational Values:

  • Working with efficiency and long term sustainability.
  • Valuing the principle of teamwork building, Quality service, trustworthiness, open communication and respect for each others.
  • Believing in the power of unity and positivity.
  • Value the team members and customers respect.


We are here to share people that we don’t have to do new thing to be successful ,we just have to do the same job we are doing in different way. We are here to prove that desire from mind is 100 time more powerful than the desire from education.

Our International trainers provide the training in order to sharp the hidden mind power of people.

DITC is an international level training center which is established in Nepal from the team members of Dr. Sneh Desai, India. DITC provides following services around the world.

  1. Mind Power Workshop
  2. Positive Attitude Building Workshop
  3. Secret of Success by Applying NLP 
  4. Team Building Workshop 
  5. Leadership Development Workshop                     
  6. T3P Training
  7. Mind Mastery by Applying NLP                           
  8. Personality Development Workshop
  9. Training on Wok Ethic, Skill and Culture 10.
  10. How We Can Be the Best Parents
  11. Dynamic Yoga Practice
  12. Psychological First Aid

13.How to be a good professional(Doctor, Teacher,Leader,police,Devt. Worker etc )

For the detail information please visit the website: www.snehworld.com or www.dreamlandtraining.com

S.N. Training Name
1  Mind Power workshop
2 Secret Of success
3 Good Parents
4 Good Teachers
5 Dynamic Yoga
6 Husband and Wife Relationship
7 Mind Mastery
8 Leadership Development
9 Memory Technique
10 Positive Attitude
11 Teamwork building
12 Good Salesman
13 Good Insurance Advisor
14 Personality Development Training
15 T3p
16 21st century story off shree Krishna


For the detail information please visit the website: www.snehworld.com or www.dreamlandtraining.com