Customer Service Training

Customer Service Training

Our Customer Service Training focuses on the knowledge, skills and competencies required to ensure customer satisfaction in every customer interaction. With choices for every purchase decision growing by the day, the importance of customer service skills and the ability to retain customers have become absolute essentials for every organization. By applying the customer service skills learnt in our program, you will be able to exceed customer expectations and enjoy their loyalty. Hence this is a key program in our sales training.


Customer Service Skills

Ten skills that are essential:

  1. Patience: Regardless of how good your product or service offering is, every organization faces situations that requires handling unhappy and irate customers. The top skill needed to handle such situations is Patience.
  2. Active Listening Skills: Listening with intent, asking questions to gain better understanding, paraphrasing and summarizing shows that you care and want to offer the right solution
  3. Effective Communication Skills: Our communication skills training helps you convey ideas and solutions clearly and decidedly reduces the problems for customer service delivery
  4. Empathy: The ability to understand concerns of a customer in a way that prompts them to rely on the service providers suggestion is critical to a positive customer experience
  5. Ability to use Positive Body Language: Body language is a vital aspect of your communication. Learning to use positive body language and tone of voice can go long way in influencing your customers
  6. Time Management Skills: Time Management Training can infuse the discipline in employees to improve productivity and ensure timely service deliverables
  7. Target Orientation: Having customer focus and working towards enhancing customer satisfaction helps constantly improve customer service
  8. Ability to Work under Pressure: With customer expectations constantly changing, working under pressure and going the extra mile are indispensable skills
  9. Analytical Skills: Employees who are responsible for sustaining customer relations should have the ability to analyze problems and offer appropriate solutions
  10. Persuasion & Closing Skills: And finally, the ability to persuade a customer to accept your solution and close deals is paramount for your organization to achieve its business objectives

How to Increase Customer Satisfaction?

Every service provider strives to offer quality customer service. However researchers have studied customer expectations and have found that the perceived quality of the service experience depends on the gap between expectations and measured performance. This means, the customers perception of the service received is dependent upon his/her expectations of the service/performance. If performance is lower than expectations, satisfaction is low. If performance is higher than expectations, satisfaction is high.

Customer Service Training

The Customer Service Training provided by DITC helps participants to exceed customer expectations through consistently providing exceptional service. In order to achieve this, it is important to ask yourself some questions:

  • Does your staff have the right skill sets to deliver exceptional customer service?
  • Currently how do they develop good customer service skills?
  • Is there a plan to continuously improve customer service?
  • Is the voice of the customer given the necessary priority?
  • Is there customer service satisfaction?
  • Does your staff have the essential communication skills to deliver exceptional customer service?
  • Can they communicate and listen effectively to uncover the customer’s true needs?
  • Do they understand the importance of internal customers?

This Customer Service Training program is for professionals who want to make a significant contribution to their company’s image or bottom line and make their own lives easier by consistently providing exceptional customer service.